Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields – a viable, complementary therapy.

Resonance Therapy SA is a South African based company in business since 2010. We specialise in frequency technology and pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy products, developed and manufactured exclusively in South Africa. Our products are scientifically sound, of good quality and supported by ongoing research.

We pride ourselves in excellent customer care and after sales technical support.

We believe in the body’s potential to heal itself and that PEMF therapy strengthens this ability.

All energy is electromagnetic in nature. All atoms, chemicals and cells produce electromagnetic fields. Every organ in the body produces its own signature bio-electromagnetic field. Science has proven that our bodies actually project their own magnetic fields and that all 70 trillion cells in the body communicate via electromagnetic frequencies. Nothing happens in the body without an electromagnetic exchange. When the electromagnetic activity of the body ceases, life ceases.