This is just some of the feedback we have received from individuals using our products. Feel free to send us feedback on your own experiences as well.

I woke up and became aware of a swelling on the inside of my mouth on the upper gum. It felt as huge as a marble and was tender and slightly painful like the start of a tooth abscess. I applied the self-adhesive electrodes on opposite sides of the affected jaw and run the Dental and jawbone infection programmes once. By 11:00 the same morning the swelling was markedly smaller with no tenderness or pain. At 13:00 it was completely gone with no toothache or any other sign of an abscess.


I injured my knee in April 2016. I tore my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and had reconstruction surgery, but struggled with inflammation for 6 months after the surgery. I then used the Bio-Pulser on Inflammation and Swelling programs and could see visible results the very next day. After 1 week of using the Bio-Pulser I could climb stairs without pain and after 2 weeks I could start to exercise again and rehabilitate my knee.
A few months later I stepped skew and my knee was very inflamed and swollen again. I used the Bio-Pulser for both swelling and inflammation – twice a day with the self-adhesive electrodes and slept on the treatment mat on group setting specifically designed to treat the knee – I used it for 2 days and already saw dramatic results.


I struggled with a painful shoulder joint for quite some time. It was painful to sleep on that side and I could not lift my arm above shoulder height which makes it difficult to dress. Since I started using the Bio-Pulser and treatment mat for night-time treatment my shoulder is back to normal. I used the Bursitis, Tendomyopathy and Arthritis programmes. Wonderful results!


We as a family have successfully used the Tri-Wave Resonator for 8 years. We have been able to treat the following diseases:
Flu, Arthritus, Tick Bite Fever (don’t use antibiotics at all)
Dental problems: toothache, sore gums and jaw bone pain
Sorted out menopause problems – restarted menstrual cycle, deflated bloated stomach, ect.
Stabilised daughter’s hormonal imbalance due to Thyroid Cancer (removal of Thyroid), also dramatically reduced her pigmentation on face (almost invisible now)
Amazing for Acne and it stopped early diabetes.


I am very impressed with the treatment and how quickly I saw positive results.

I suffer from chronic maxillary sinusitis with gum pain, bad breath and phlegm. I am usually short of breath and have low energy levels. I had a MyBio Tracer scan and analysis and then used the MyBio Pulser to treat at home. After just two days I could breath better and deeper. I coughed up a lot of phlegm and just felt better. Now, in my second week of treatment, I feel even better.


I sprained two of my fingers, after a week there were no signs of progress. I started using the Bio-Pulser, after two days the swelling started to reduce.

The personnel helped me to build a new group treatment to treat all the symptoms. After day 1 the soreness began to reduce and after day 3 all was gone.


Wow! I have leaky gut and get joint pain due to the chronic inflammation if I don’t watch my diet carefully. Usually the pain lasts days. So last night I slept on the Inflammation program and this morning I had NO joint pain. And a headache – surely due to detoxing. I didn’t expect it to work after only one night of treatment! I’m impressed.


My son had diarrhoea on and off for weeks. No matter what I tried, including the very best pro- and prebiotics for more than 2 weeks, it just didn’t improve. I let him sleep on a treatment blanket with the Bio-Pulser for 2 nights on GASTRITIS program and he is better!