MyBio Pulser

Frequency Pulse Generator


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy improves circulation and cellular regeneration, stimulates neurons, has an anti-depressant effect and enhances the absorption of certain medications and nutrients.

The MyBio Pulser is a modern and compact PEMF device that is easy to operate and excellently suited for young and old.

Sport injuries, wounds, sinusitis, insomnia, mental fatigue and chronic inflammation are but a few of the conditions that can benefit from this complementary treatment method.

 R10 472

MyBio Pulser Complete System with small mat

It has a square wave range capability of 0.1 Hz up to 50 000 Hz for effective treatment and the ability to accommodate Magnetic Field Therapy up to 1000 Hz with additional accessories. This therapy enables wave penetration of bone and muscle more effectively.

Pre-loaded treatment programmes ensure that a wide range of ailments can be addressed in the comfort of your home.

Features and functional description

Operated with a single tuning knob combined with a LCD display window for ease of use.

  • Adjustable Intensity
  • 299 Experimental programmes
  • Full CAF list (1627 programmes)
  • Repeat or ‘loop’ function
  • Repeat last treatment function
  • Hulda Clark Zapper
  • Group programme treatments

The unit can be connected to a PC via USB cable

  • 15 customised programmes can be uploaded with a PC application
Pre-set features

  • Wobble or dwelling function
  • Square wave
  • DC polarity

Handy features

  • Self-adhesive electrodes for area specific treatments
  • The frequency generator is able to reach frequencies up to 1 MHz range if necessary.
  • Built-in battery pack