MyBio Tracer

Electronic Pathogen Detection

R17 700

MyBio Tracer Compact 

The new MyBio Tracer Compact provides a revolutionary non-invasive way to listen to the body’s silent voice and in answer react with pathogen specific electromagnetic frequencies to help eliminate the harmful pathogens and their effects.

The body and cells are continuously identifying and destroying pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.) and build intricate molecular systems to improve immunity against these pathogens. These identifying mechanisms are complex and powerful and use an unknown number of actions.

The body’s immune system seems to have the capability to identify the pathogen (amongst other identifying structures) by frequencies related to the physical genetic structure of the pathogen.

The MyBio Tracer uses the above mentioned mechanisms of the body’s immune system to relay information on harmful pathogens back to the instrument in order to identify a particular pathogen.



By applying controlled electromagnetic pulses and using specialized detection methods, the MyBio Tracer is able to detect minute signals from the body which reacts holistically on these impulses.

  • Determine the body’s reaction to a range of pulsed frequency packets
  • Depicts the reaction on a graphical interface
  • Log data for future reference and interpretation


This function is used to identify pathogen markers in the body by mathematically combining the body’s reaction with extensive pathogen databases derived from worldwide research institutions.

  • Determine the treatment frequencies
  • Store data for pathogen identification through a powerful remote data server


This function is a complex electrical pulse generation tool that combines the output from the analyzing function to deliver healing frequencies via a pulsed electromagnetic field. This can be applied in a variety of waveforms for maximum effectiveness to penetrate the body’s cells. 

  • Full MyBio Pulser treatment functions incorporated
  • Self-adhesive or rubber electrodes for area-specific treatments
  • Treatment mat for treatment while you sleep
  • Custom made magnetic coils on request

The action of the MyBio Tracer can be summarised in the following steps:

Transmit a series of discreet frequencies to the body
The body relates these frequencies to the pathogen’s genetic structure (hypothesis)
If that pathogen is active or underlying, the compromised cells and the body reacts holistically and immediately
This reaction is large enough to be electrically measurable
The Bio-Tracer identifies this reaction and frequency
The unit calculates the genetic structure (using mathematical formulas and physical constants)
This genetic structure is compared to a database of 7000 odd pathogens and subspecies
The pathogens that compare accurately are displayed for further action

The MyBio Tracer is an excellent tool to assist medical and natural health practitioners to reach a diagnosis, which are verifiable with conventional pathology tests.